Professional Investigative Services

Sintra Group has provided efficient, thorough, professional investigative services since 1997.
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Professional Investigative Services

Since 1997, Sintra Group has provided efficient, professional services
to a variety of entities including:
Government agencies
Police departments
Fire departments
School districts
Major corporations
Private employers
Health care agencies
Law firms

Trained Professionals

Sintra Group also networks with other trained professionals in a variety of disciplines to assist us, and to act as a source of references for our potential clients.

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Background Investigations

In today’s work environment employers must be constantly vigilant in the detection and prevention of issues that will negatively impact productivity or create potential liability.

Civil Investigations

Even with the best pre-employment screening, such issues as harassment, hostile work environments or employee thefts may still arise.

Sintra Group specializes in bringing issues to light by providing experienced, professional investigators to reveal the facts.

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