Sintra Group Owner

Steve Bowman

Steve Bowman spent nearly 28 years with the Ventura Police Department, retiring as Assistant Police Chief. During his career he coordinated and investigated Internal Affairs complaints, officer involved shootings, narcotics enforcement and vice investigation. Bowman has instructed at San Jose State University, Ventura College, the Ventura County Police & Sheriff’s Training Academy, California Department of Justice and the County of Ventura presenting classes in Supervision, Ethics, Vice Investigation, Report Writing and other related subjects. He graduated from California Lutheran University with a degree in Administration of Justice. Bowman also holds a Juris Doctorate Degree from the Ventura College of Law and is a licensed attorney in the State of California. As a private investigator, he has handled employment law issues including background investigations and hostile work environment issues. He has also dealt with family law, elder abuse and probate investigations, coordinated extensive surveillances and located a large number of witnesses and beneficiaries for various law firms.