Civil Investigations

Even with the best pre-employment screening, such issues as harassment, hostile work environments or employee thefts may still arise. It’s a vicious circle; most companies are focused on carrying out their individual mission and simply don’t have employees with the training, skill and time to determine the validity and extent of such complaints. Yet the organization needs factual information to make informed decisions prior to taking disciplinary action or facing litigation.

These types of investigations can cause major internal stress and strife. If a supervisor or manager is assigned to handle the investigation, long-term relationships between employees and management can be permanently compromised, regardless of the ultimate decision that is reached. Much of this stress can be reduced by having impartial outside investigators handle the investigation, leaving management to review the investigation and make findings based on the facts presented. The friction between line employees and management is reduced because the outside investigators will be gone following the conclusion of the investigation.

Sintra Group specializes in bringing issues to light by providing experienced, professional investigators to interview the parties involved, seek necessary physical evidence and conduct extensive database searches to reveal the facts. Our investigators are former law enforcement officers, each with more than twenty-five years of law enforcement service in investigations, supervision and management. Together, we bring this wealth of experience to focus on a wide variety of employment issues, including internal investigations of alleged misconduct, hostile work environment and harassment complaints.

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