Background Investigations

In today’s work environment employers must be constantly vigilant in the detection and prevention of issues that will negatively impact productivity or create potential liability. Of all the tasks that organizations perform, whether in the public or private sector, the background investigation is one of the most critical. Every business or agency wants integrity, and the manifestation of integrity is ethical behavior. Without the public’s trust, such entities are at an extreme disadvantage in obtaining the public’s respect and confidence. Quite simply, getting and keeping good people is crucial to the success of any business or agency, especially those charged with public safety.

Background investigations provide valid, verifiable information regarding potential candidates. Things that go wrong in life are predictable, and predictable is preventable. In other words, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Thus, prevention is far better than correction, and ultimately makes better economic sense.

The purpose of a background investigation is to find relevant past behaviors and then to gather and document these behaviors so that the person making the hiring decision has appropriate resources to make an informed decision. It is equally important to recognize an affirmative and ethical obligation to select only those applicants who have the desire and necessary attributes to do the job. It is essential that if there is a dispute between the rights of the applicant and the rights of the public, the rights of the public must prevail.

Sintra Group has conducted hundreds of background investigations for both public safety and private sector employers. Our investigators are skilled at interviewing applicants, references and former employers to develop an accurate, complete picture of the person seeking the job so that the hiring authority can decide what’s best for the agency or company.

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